Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wood Drilling Bees

Carpenter Bees are scary and intimidating and if left to their own devises for too long, destructive. The female drills a perfect hole into your home, fence, etc, and lays her eggs in that hole. The male carpenter bee "protects" the hole by hovering around the area and dive bombing anyone who goes near it. Treating these bees can be tricky. Pest control technicians will often times power spray the area if it is large enough, or if it is only a few holes, they will dust the holes and seal them up. This can require ladders which makes it a dangerous do it yourself project. Looks for drip marks on your home as this is where the frass is dripping out of the hole. This will alert you to where the bees may be hiding behind siding or fascia board. If you have exposed wood, painting it with a heavy latex type paint can help deter them.

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