Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bees in the ground

There are several species of wasps and bees that tend to dig into the ground to either nest or lay eggs. Cicada Killers, digger wasps, yellow jackets, and so on. If you have a case of the giant cicada killers and they are far enough away from you and not really bothering you, I would say to leave them alone. They are very seasonal and do no harm. If they are patrolling the area right next to your walk way then you may want to shoot some insect dust into the hole, at night, carefully. Same goes for yellow jackets, but again, extreme caution. Digger wasps and the wasps you see flying low to the ground can be controlled via a god surface spray. Most times though, I recommend hiring a pro when dealing with wasps or bees.They can be harmful if managed incorrectly.

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