Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A better mouse trap

Is there really a better mouse trap out there? Can mice ever be stopped? We can do our best to exclude them from our living space and when they do invade, we can do our best to get rid of them. Electronic mouse repellers only work for a short time if at all, all the others take patience and brain power. If you have a mouse problem the best advice is to buy an arsenal of mouse control products and throw everything at them. Don't be greedy. Buy alot of product and use it all. Don't be afraid of over kill. Use snap traps, glue traps, baits, mechanical traps. Use caution also. If children or pets are present. Be very careful. You'll never catch all the mice in your house with three snaps traps set under your sink. Go to town and happy hunting.


Organic Gerry said...

I don't understand why you advise people to throw everything at the problem. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages, even disastrous consequences of using some methods for long periods. At my company, Hearts Pest Management, www.heartspm.com, we have made a lot of money by correcting situations created by unwise treatments of homeowners and pest control companies that throw everything at it, rather than creating a selective well chosen program of elimination, exclusion and decontamination.

Billy MAc said...

Exclusion was mentioned, and would you agree that placing out a few traps rather than taking an integrated approach and using several methods is a better approach.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Yes, you mentioned exclusion from your living space. Really it is exclusion from the exterior that is most important. If you leave openings to non-living space and exclude spaces such as behind kitchen sinks, well, you still have rodents in your house. Using glue boards in very inhumane. The rodents starve to death and it can be very messy. Baits left in the house, in non-living spaces cause rat and mice graveyards throughout the attic space or wall space. Very nasty. Check out two pages on our website www.heartspm.com, one labeled rats and mice and the other labeled mites and parasites for more details.

Also, I am in the infancy of my corporate blog. Feel free to comment at heartspm.wordpress.com



Anonymous said...

Hey organic gerry, quit spamming the fucking blog, you hippie cocksucker

daniel said...

i like trex traps