Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mice and furniture

I had an interesting question asking if mice could live in a mattress. The short answer is yes. To be more specific, mice can nest in sofas, mattresses, chairs, anything that is soft and provides a protected nest. I remember one specific time when I was on the road I had a customer who was having a bad mouse problem. I was catching them in the traps and I was able to pinpoint the area they were coming from to a wall where the sofa was. I found no holes so I decided to inspect the sofa and sure enough when I lifted up the cushions they had collected lots of nesting material and were nestles in the corner of the sofa under the cushions. It doesn't matter if there is a lot of activity like getting up and down from a sofa because the mice get used to this movement and it stops scaring them. So to answer the question, yes it is possible for a mouse or mice to live in your furniture and it should be on the list of areas to inspect when preforming a rodent control program.

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