Friday, February 23, 2007

Termite Baiting vs. Liquid Termite Treatment

The debate goes on about the effectiveness of termite baits versus getting your house treated with liquid termiticide. Let's look at both techniques. In baiting the termite company would place termite bait stations around the outside of your home with an attractant in them every so many feet. When one of those attractants showed signs of termite activity then the attractant would be replaced with active bait and thus destroy the colony. Liquid treatments consist of drilling into the ground both outside and inside. Sometimes the treatment company will have to pull back rugs to get to the slab underneath, sometimes they will need to drill into cinder block walls also. The drilling will be every foot inside and out and where there is no cement slab then they will rod into or trench the soil.
Liquid termiticides are very effective these days...especially the non-repellent chemicals such as Termidor and Premise. You know that the liquid is in the ground and that the termites will eventually come in contact with it and die. The drawbacks are lots of moving of furniture...drilling into your's very invasive. The baits can be just as effective if they are placed properly and you get activity. Some companies will use a combination of the two.
It boils down to you the customer. Do you want hammer drills and hoses being drug through your home or do you like the more reserved approach. Either one in time can do the job in most cases.

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