Friday, January 19, 2007

In From The Cold

Finally it has arrived. Winter. Especially here on the east coast. So what does that mean for all the mice and rats that have been living large in the warm weather that has been deceiving us for all this time? It means vacation is over and they will be moving back home. Mice and rats hate the cold just as much as we do. The snow and cold weather drive rodents into the shelter of homes and business faster than lighting for the simple reason of survival. This is why it is so important to weather proof and seal any potential openings that would invite these mice and rats in. A hole the size of a dime in the corner of a door is enough space for heat to exit and for mice to enter. As that little guy is scurrying along the edge of your front porch he feels the warm air escaping and make a B-line for the hole. Welcome home rodent family...welcome home.

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