Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fogging for Roaches

Is Fogging for Roaches OK?

The short answer is no. Using foggers has it's place in a situation where you need quick knock down, for instance, if you went into an apartment that was so infested the walls were crawling and you needed a quick kill so you could clean it out for the carpet guys! If you want complete elimination of roaches then fogging is not your answer. Foggers will kill exposed roaches. It will not kill roaches in egg casings and it will not kill roaches that are stuffed behind cabinets and in walls. Often times you make the problem worse with fogging because you have the potential of pushing the roaches further into the walls. To do a complete job properly you will need to incorporate baits, insect growth regulators and traps. Most exterminators will use this integrated approach, if you are looking to do it yourself then I'd suggest buying a good gel bait and some roach bait stations. Treating all areas very thoroughly.


pest control jacksonville said...

I fogged them and it went ok. I am not sure why any one would think it's not ok.

beeb said...

cause it fucking sucks and doesn't even kill the exposed roaches

Anonymous said...

I just fogged the locker rooms and it work great. I used every other method mention here and none worked.
Fogging is the best method.

Anonymous said...

Ive tried every trick I could think of, baits, traps, gels, boric acid, and fogging nothing will kill these bugs. Last time I fogged I even tried using extra cans I used 4 boxes in my 1200sq ft home when it only calls for one box. Someone please help!?!!